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A heat exchanger is a necessary appliance in a ship. It helps to reduce the temperature of hot liquid by passing it alongside a cooler liquid. This brings down the temperature of the hot liquid. There are the shell type, tube type, and plate type heat exchangers. The efficiency of the plate type heat exchanger is found to be about 3 – 5 times better than that of the other two types. This makes them the best heat exchanger for a ship. The hot and cold liquid passes between the metal plates alternatively thus passing the heat through the metal plates. Gaskets are provided to ensure that there is no leaking of liquids or mixing of the hot and cold liquid. The metal plates are given an alternative shape to cause an increased turbulence for making the heat exchange faster.

Aqua Logistics distributes the best heat exchangers manufactured by DHP Engineering. We have been in the service of the Mariners for so many years that we understand the exact requirements they have. We have insisted on selling them the products at the most affordable rates while ensuring that the quality is never compromised. This is the reason that they trust us for any of their needs. We supply all the items that are needed in a ship.

Windows are an essential part of a ship. These need to be water-tight. They also need to be fireproof to reduce the danger of them burning in the event of an accident. These windows are always at the mercy of spray from the seas and hence they need to be wiped clean to ensure good visibility. We get the best fire-rated marine wipers from Bohamet who are world-class manufacturers of fire-rated windows and doors.

One of the main principles that we import many of the critical products for the ship is Hanla IMS. They manufacture a wide variety of equipment, gauges, and switches for the ship. These products are highly rated by the customers because of their high quality and durability. In a ship, you need products that will stand the strains of ocean journey. Hanla IMS ensures that their products stand up to the test of strength. Aqua Logistics is the distributor for their products in Singapore. The Hanla level switches are very much the favourite of our marine customers. Their efficiency is praised by them.

Aqua Logistics have been supplying almost everything that a ship needs. Our customers are loyal to because we always take care of their needs for quality and affordable products.

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