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Conventional way of sale has been changed now people have no much time to spend on purchasing or dealing. People thinking about sale and purchase method have been changed as compared to few decades ago. Now, we face different type of challenges which have led of emergency in our business sale point. However, we develop such type of POS software which have ability to resolve all type of problems. POS is short abbreviation of "point of sale" or such system where company provide services to customer. Point of sale or POS term is very applicable or important for businesses regardless of their size and types. We observe that directly or indirectly point of sale is connected with every business man life because somehow all are connected with each other by buying goods in business.


POS system is using in different type of businesses size:

This system is using in different type of business size of small to large like Grocery shop, Computer shop, Saloon, Shoe Store, Apparel shop, Gift Shop, hospitality etc.

Major advantages of POS system:

There is so many benefits of using POS software

  1. POS system is saving our time.
  2. POS system has ability to increasing efficiency of employees.
  3. POS system has capability to eliminate data duplication.
  4. POS system has capability to keep tight control over cash receipts to prevent theft and it’s also providing audit trail slip.
  5. POS system keeps daily transaction record of company’s review and audit.
  6. POS system develops such environment in which a manager can easily manage the business’s stock inventory in specific time.      


POS system maintaining reports and records:                           

The point of sale also maintains our business reports to make better customer relationship management services. Point of sale software recorded each sale when it happens, and analyzing which goods has better sale from other goods and which time & period which goods have better sale. With the help of POS Software, we can make better decision for item stock and merchandizing. With the help of POS Software we can measure that how well all items on the shelves and company can easy to adjust level of purchasing accordingly. POS software has developed alignment of demands and sale. Whenever sale is entered in system, POS software automatically update item inventory and accounts receivable records. Many POS systems available but choose those system which should be suitable for your business size.


3SPOS is perfect software for medium and small business size. 3SPOS has developed the very simple system which is easy to understand for users. 3SPOS is so simple software and very effective for business. 3SPOS eliminates human error. 3SPOS is a comprehensive software which develops exceptional framework. This software proposed the framework of the user for understanding and assess the variety of POS. Today different business gets paid in different way. This is remarkable software and have many more benefits for customers and organizations. 3SPOS is maintaining customer interest and increasing business profit.

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