Use Real Estate Leads to Grow Your Real Estate Business
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As use of the internet has increased, so to, has its value in connecting service providers with home owners. One of the best ways to grow a real estate business is to connect with more clients by using real estate leads.

There are many ways to get real estate leads:

  1. Direct Mail
  2. TV Advertising
  3. Referrals
  4. Cold Calling
  5. Internet

If you operate a fast pace business and do not enjoy cold calling or stuffing envelopes for new business, I would suggest internet leads. There are many lead providers on the internet but just like any business only a few are worth dealing with.

Direct Mail:

Direct Mail
Internet sales leads have been around since the beginning of the internet. At the beginning of the internet most real estate leads were generated through mass email campaigns. Now most are generated through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Cold Colling:

Cold Colling

Search Engine:search engine optimizationIf you would like to grow your real estate business then get started with an internet lead generation company. Just make sure you pick the right company for your needs. Over the years many professionals have been taken advantage of by unethical real estate lead generation companies, so choose carefully.

Here are some tips when selecting a lead generation company. Make sure the real estate leads are only delivered to one real estate professional, meaning they are only sold once. Many lead providers sell their leads multiple times to professions is the same area which makes it harder for an agent for investors to close the lead.

Make sure the leads are delivered to you within seconds after the lead has been generated. Professionals who follow up with real estate leads within 2 hours after the lead has been generated dramatically increase the chances of closing a deal.

Make sure you are only charged for leads you receive and do not pay any monthly fee or sign up fee. If a company really wants to work with you and become a long term part of your marketing they should not charge any set up fees or monthly fees.

If you can not get in contact with the home seller or home buyer because of in correct lead data the company should credit you the cost of the lead. All too often realtors and investors sign up with a lead generation company and they start receiving leads that are not quality leads. They either can not get in contact with the person or the person does not want to talk with them. Make sure you can get a refund for faulty lead information.

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