Machines are those which make the job of humans much easier. They are available everywhere in our life. Whether it be in our homes or at the office we are surrounded by machines of various types. These are used for different functions that vary as per the machine. Selling and servicing of machines are normally done by companies who have a technical knowledge of the machine and can advise and service customers.

Sinvict Technology specializes in the sales and service of CNC machines and their electrical control systems. We started our operations in 2014 and in the short period, we have gained the trust and loyalty of many valuable customers. 

The main reason for the customer trust is our ability to supply the best machines suited for their purpose. They are also more pleased with us for the huge stock of parts which they require for keeping their machines in order. We even keep parts for machines that are no more in the market. This helps to keep the old machines working in good condition and saves a lot of money for our customers.

We keep almost all the parts of CNC machine and can give an excellent service to these machines. Our service personnel are not just highly qualified but also well experienced in servicing and repairing the machines. As we have such trained technicians we are able to repair the machines faster. This means a lesser downtime for our customers. This is another reason why they trust us and be loyal to us.

We cover both Fanuc and Mitsubishi CNC controls systems in our services. These are the most reputed and popular brands of the control system. Hence, we have more customers in the market than many other service companies. We are equipped with most modern testing platforms to check the efficiency of machines and to repair them. This gives them the advantage of faster servicing of customer machines.

We carry a large stock of parts that include all the models of series controllers. This means that we are able to service almost all the machines which are now being used, even if they are not sold by the companies.

We also sell pieces of machinery like the horizontal machining center and other CNC machines. Sinvict Technologies is a one-stop solution provider for all kinds of CNC machines and machine control systems, whether it is service or spare parts.

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