5 Shopping Hacks to Save Your Diwali Bonus this Festive Season
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The festive season is here, and the preparations must be on the full swing. 

Well, that reminds me of What is your favorite part of the festival? And by the festival, I mean Diwali. We all know that Diwali is one of the important festivals in north India, and the celebration starts at least a month before the actual day. No, I’m not talking about the Diwali pooja and customs, but Diwali include tasks like cleaning and decorating of houses, preparing sweets, buying Diwali gifts, and obviously shopping!

Till now, you must have completed half of your Diwali shopping, right? Or at least have made the shopping list. Well, when we make a list of all items and step out for Diwali shopping, what we often forget is the budget and end up upsetting our bank balance. I know I know you just received your Diwali bonus, and that bonus is instigating you to spend mindlessly. But it’s a trap! Don’t get caught. With some shopping hacks up your sleeves, you can force your cart’s total to come down. 

Even if budget is not an issue with you, I don’t think anyone on this earth would still mind saving a couple of bucks. So, I’m going to share some tips that will not only save your bonus but some extra cash as well. Whether it’s a lip gloss or a car that you are planning to buy, these tricks will help you save out in the mall. 

Start Shopping Early

You know 70 percent of the time we make purchases impulsively. So, Start shopping for things you really need, at least a month before the festival. Usually, what happens is that when you rush to buy things at the last moment, you end up paying extra. This is because, firstly, you are bound to pay whatever amount you are asked for. Because you don’t have enough time to compare prices at different places, leaves you with no other option. Secondly, prices are often hiked just before the big day. 

Diwali shopping

So, it is advisable that you start looking for Diwali gifts for friends and family well in advance, so you get ample time to compare and get the best deal for yourself. 

Stick to The List

One of the main reasons for overspending is that allured by the shine and appearance; we end up buying things we don’t even need. This is the most famous marketing trick, and customers often fall prey to it. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, flat discounts made you do so. The best way to not get carried away is by preparing a list with priority items. And don’t just make a list, but stick to it. You can make this list of things priority wise and also allocate a certain amount against each item, just for an idea. 

Leave Your Cart Filled

Another very smart hack to save some extra is by leaving your shopping cart filled with some items. Yes, never thought of that, right?

If you add various items in your cart and checkout but do not press the order button and go to some other website, you have already taken the first step. Now, wait for some time, some extra discounts are coming your way. You will notice that at some time, you will receive some bonus deals. These deals are specially meant to bring back the customer. This way, the seller is trying to get in touch with you so that you complete the purchase. Now you can proceed as planned, along with some extra perks. 

Comparison is The Key

I know its Diwali every seller is trying to allure with different and attractive offers. And there are offers all around; we tend to save our efforts and take whatever discount a particular place is providing. But you know, sometimes the prices of the same product differ compared between different sellers. 

Diwali shopping

So, compare before you buy it. If you are shopping online, use the price comparison websites to ease the task. 

Ask for Extra Discount

Enough about virtual shopping, now let’s talk about offline shopping. 

You know some retailers provide extra discounts as well, but only if you specially ask for them, so speak up! Discounts like students discount, senior citizen discounts, or veteran discounts are available, which people are usually afraid to ask for or are not aware of them. No, the retailers won’t tell it you, and it isn’t even necessary that every store provides these discounts, but there is no harm in asking even if you don’t qualify. 

But now you know, so go ahead and ask for such discounts if you are eligible. 

Avoid Carrying Shopping Bags

Next time you are in the shopping spree, do not carry a shopping basket. 

You must be wondering how is this even related, right? But trust me, it has a direct connection and will help you save some cash. I understand that it is a bit annoying to carry around things in your hands and dig around with the other. But, it is proven that you end up buying more when you carry a shopping bag. When you carry a bag, you carelessly indulge in impulsive shopping and keep on grabbing anything and everything. So, avoid a shopping bag and grab only selective things. 

Collect Coupons and discounts codes

Another mindful hack to make the best of Diwali shopping is to collect the coupons and discount codes. Full-year, you get discount coupons and codes on shopping, and they all go unused. What we often forget is to collect them. If you don’t feel the need to use them right now, collect it for future use. Diwali is the best time to use all your collected coupons. If you have multiple discount codes available, check if you can apply them together. If not, apply the best one which provides the maximum discount. 

So next time when you are purchasing Diwali gifts in Delhi or shopping for self, try these hacks to avoid burning a hole in your pockets. 

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