Grab all new eyewear trends of 2020 -Vintage with Innovation
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Whoever you are, you really can’t take your mind off without seeing the eyewear trends going around the city. It’s an undeniable buzz that makes fashion fun and experimental, we can’t stick to the old design but also can’t make the new ones too outrageous to adore, we have to find a balance. Eyeglasses are also a precious piece of accessory that changes with the season, occasion and year, so what makes this year’s eyewear trend so magnificent? The 2020 generation is an avid collector of designer and antique glasses as they are the quickest accessory to adapt. The new trends are sophisticated, classic and adventurous that gives quite a lot of reason to adopt them in our daily or an eventful attire. 

What makes the 2020 eyewear trends so hot and happening?

The 2020 eyewear trend is serious about its unique and detailed design but it doesn’t mean that they are too subtle or boring, they are modernly sophisticated and give a lot in an effortless way. Now glasses are beautifully designed to add an extra layer to a person’s whole look, glasses are designed for specific personalities, different colours and tints are available in fun and flirty manners and its eye-catching design teases you to buy multiple pairs at once.  

The big change in glasses is that they are now accessible to everyone even the ones with proper eyesight because lenses are now made in non-prescription as well. Prescription less glasses are popular among supermodels like Gigi Hadid, Cara Delingviine and Kendall Jenner as they add a greater gradient to their wardrobe and are able to achieve a look through them. As for prescription glasses, these glasses have gotten rid of their basic and neutral design by adopting the latest design, texture and style.

eyewear trends of 2020

Here’s are the latest design of the latest eyewear trends that you’ll be adding for your new look

Geek Glasses

We are pretty sure, you’ve imagined a geek in your head with its geek glasses. Geek glasses back in the day were infamous for, well being geeky. Geek glasses are predominantly known for its square shape and black frame that Reese Witherspoon wore in its iconic movie Legally Blonde. We are not really sure of simple black design to add in our fashionable lives hence geek glasses are now fashionably transformed into thin metals, thick or ultra-thin design that gives them beautiful silhouettes. Geek glasses are also available in light and softer tone frames that are famous among young adults for their aesthetic design. 

Tortoiseshell glasses 

Who does not fancy themselves a beautiful pair of tortoiseshell glasses? We do, certainly. Tortoiseshell glasses are sparkles of joy in the midst of boring and basic or too loud and strange designs. The fiery mix of yellow with classic black brings colour and vibrance to the eyes and also soothes the mind with their perfect balance of colours. Tortoiseshell frames are available in all different density of colour in yellow and black and they are available in all sorts of design like wayfarer, round, aviators, oval and sultry cat-eye. Round tortoise shell glasses among all the frames are quite adorable in design and often loved by men and women for their soft style.

Nerd Glasses 

Nerd glasses are chiefly present in rectangle frames and in black colour that makes it a little too tedious for the younger generation to compute in their wardrobe. The older generation, however, can’t deny its love for the plaid black design however, the new one kids demand changes. Hence nerd glasses are now available in a beautiful mix of texture in monotone, dual-tone, sparkle tone and even marble and tortoiseshell design. It’s designed in thin and thick frames to suit your choice and offered in all sorts of material like wood, translucent acetate or titanium. Or you can always find your alternative in nerd retro glasses when you have seen too much colour. 

Soft Colour Metal Glasses

Metal frames are the new buildup in the latest design, young adults can’t stop raving about its soft tone that is presently the new thing in the market. Glasses too have adopted its design, these soft colour metal glasses like gold glasses or pink and silver are quite famous because they complement every wardrobe collection. They are not too loud and don’t look serious but are coy and tender designs. Pink glasses, in particular, are one of the biggest hits because of its flirtatious and youthful look, pink glasses sets with almost all of the attire and skin shade. The softer tone glasses are subtle yet powerful pieces of accessories that transform your casual attire into a perfect fashionable look. 

Transparent Glasses

Transparent glasses are quite transparent in its design, known for its fresh perspective as it ticks every box of skin colour. Transparent glasses are known for complementing all the gender and don’t have a subject theme. You can pair it with any type of attire, any colour and occasion and it will add fun to your style and overall look. It’s easy to wear and harmless in design as it’s seen through design and not too bold or basic. When in doubt, or can’t decide which frame to pair with your outfit, go for transparent glasses as they’ll settle harmoniously with any casual or non-casual attire. It’s the new “woke” accessory that doesn’t judge your outfit choice, skin colour or gender. 

Fancy yourself with the dearly designed Shades for the Summer

eyewear trends of 2020

Leopard sunglasses 

Leopard sunglasses are unique of their own because it is quite usual to see sunglasses in either a simple single tone or metallic texture. Leopard sunglasses bring back the colours that we miss in sunglasses and it sits perfectly with the dark shades lenses. Leopard print is sophisticated in design and its textures can be available in medium, low and dark brown. Leopard sunglasses are available in all sorts of designs to style your mood and style like cat-eye frames, round frames, square frames, aviator frames or oversized frames. A leopard print never goes out of style or never gets overrated hence it will be a treasure to your accessory collection. Leopard print is a great mood booster that highlights your face even in a simple outfit, draws attention to your eyes and boom, you are getting new attention.

Black round sunglasses

Sunglasses either need to have a beautiful texture on its frames or get its vintage fame back with none other than black colour. Black round sunglasses are an ode to the traditional design that is sauve and mature looking, seen lately on Prince William. Black round sunglasses are much urbane and elegant and they complement every age demographic like college students or businessmen. It’s great to pair it with casual attire and go out for some coffee or pair it on a date night. Round hippie black frames, sophisticated black frame or flirty black frame, all are available in the range of black round sunglasses. It’s sleek, sexy and unconventional design compared to general sunglasses is quite a fit to pair in your daily look. 

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