Get Rid Of Eye Discomfort With Coloured Contact Lenses
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You have been using coloured contact lenses quite a lot nowadays, isn’t that right? I mean it is not secret, just like everyone else, coloured lenses like the red contact lenses are latest and most popular fashion trends. People are crazy about these products. 

With so much variety coloured lenses are probably the best fashion accessory nowadays. It is so easy now to enhance our eyes and facial appearance with coloured contact lenses. They have a special coloured tint on them that settles on our iris and enhances its colour. The effect is so beautiful and natural that is mind blowing.

That said, coloured lenses will always be regarded as medical devices at first. So, with all the fashion and lifestyle you also have to focus on the medical side of these items. That is why they have expiry dates on them and once they are done, you are not supposed to use them again. 

There are certain guidelines that you must follow in order to keep using them safely. If you are following them you are supposed to be perfectly okay, but there still are certain users who complain of discomfort with their coloured lenses or contact lenses. In order to tackle this issue, we have listed some important details that will help you get rid of the discomfort caused by coloured lenses.

Check The Fitting
There is a reason that you are advised to get yourself a prescription from a doctor. That is because the doctor can tell measure your eyes as in rare cases the size of the iris may differ. When that is the case you would need the right size of coloured contacts that would fit perfectly on your eyes.

Get The Right Type For Yourself

When you are about to use coloured contact lenses or any other contact lenses, you need the right type of lenses, the type that suits your eyes the best. Mind you, there are many different types. Your eyes may be suited to the Rigid gas permeable coloured lenses or may be the soft contact lenses. This is where your doctor will tell you what type would be best for you. 

Cleaning Solution

When you are buying coloured contact lenses, you will also get a cleaning solution that will be used to cleaning the lenses. Make sure you have gotten the right solution from the right brand. There are many brands and each have a different composition. Again your doctor will tell you what brand is best for you and your eyes. As the solution is going to be used to clean the lenses and you are going to wear those lenses.

One other important thing is that, never clean your lenses with water or any home-made solution. 

Sensitive Eyes

In some rare cases, some users have very sensitive eyes. When that is the case, using coloured lenses can cause the eyes to dry out much earlier. When that happens, you will start feeling irritation and discomfort. 

A good remedy for this problem is that you may switch from using weekly disposable and hard contact lenes to daily disposable and soft contact lenses. You see daily disposable lenses are to be discarded after first time use, that means you are going to use a fresh new pair that is free from any deposits and foreign elements. Secondly, soft lenses are more comfortable and they have more water content making them more comfortable than the hard contact lenses.

 Proper Maintenance

If you are not maintaining your contact lenses properly then you cannot blame anyone else but yourself. Proper maintaineance means that you need to use them carefully. That includes washing your hands before touching them, cleaning your lenses before wearing them, cleaning them after you have used them and keeping your lens case cleaned. Also, you need to clean everything associated with your lenses and your lenses with the disinfectant solution. It is important that follow these rules. 

Give Your Eyes Some Rest

If you have a habit of wearing your lenses all the time, then start giving your eyes some rest. Wearing these lenses for far too long will cause irritation as the lenses start to put some stress on your eyes after some time. So it is better that you give your eyes some well deserved rest.

Do not use expired or damaged lenses

If your coloured lenses have expired or have gotten damaged by any means, please get yourself a new pair. Do not keep using the same pair as it will certainly hurt your eyes in more ways than one. 

Keep Makeup at the minimum

Your makeup cosmetics have certain elements in them that can stick on the lens if you are not careful. That is why it is better if you use less makeup, only that is necessary. Make sure no foreign particles get on your coloured lenses.

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