Valentines Teddy Bear — the Perfect Gift for Your Beloved
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Today, after so many years of when the tradition of valentines actually started we continue to honour St. Valentine and recall the history of Valentine’s Day each year on the 14th of February by celebrating our love we have for our significant other. The history of giving your loved one teddy on Valentine’s Day comes from the age-old custom of sending teddy bear to pass on non-verbal messages. It was a way of saying something without actually saying it. 

This tradition was first introduced in the 18th century by Charles II of Sweden. He had each teddy represents a specific meaning to it, making it possible to have an entire conversation using only teddy. Today, in the 21st century people continue to send teddy on valentines day or to express sentiments of love and admiration. Even in this modern world taking teddy to surprise a loved one stands as a sweet gesture. 

Valentine’s Day is ringing the bell soon. It is the season of love for all you romantic people. Though you don’t need a day to celebrate love, Valentine’s Day ensures that you go that extra mile to do something extraordinary.  Expressing your love on this day is a blessing in disguise.

Yes! Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, and it’s time to make your man feel loved.  Is he the kind of one who is shy or the very-friendly extrovert kind? 

We understand that it is considerable work when it comes to choosing a gift for your man but worry not. IGP definitely will help you choose gifts wisely for your man.Celebrate the platform of eternity by making him feel extra special by finding the most creative Valentine’s Days. If you feel like surprising your man, 14th February is the time to do it. It is anyways the birthday of Saint Valentine, where lovers all come together to celebrate their bond of love. 

When it comes to Teddy Bears, they are cute, they are soft, they are comfy and they make us all happy with their presence. But did you know where it all started? It all started with an American President named Theodore Roosevelt who once went bear hunting in Mississippi but refused to kill a bear because he thought it was “unsportsmanlike” and there it was, since then he was called The Teddy Bear; Teddy being his nickname of course. 

Valentine’s Day Teddy Bears are immensely popular as they are kind of a universal sign of cuteness & care. An adorable partner deserves an adorable gift and what can be more adorable than a Teddy Bear? A Happy Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear is bound to make your beloved the happiest.

They are colorful and who would not melt looking at those puppy eyes that just have the power to melt one’s heart. Do we not all wish that they would come alive one day and hug us?

Teddy Bears are universally popular and accepted as Valentine’s Day gifts and that does not change with time. If you are wondering what kind of Teddy Bear you should gift to your partner, well, it depends on their personality a lot actually.

There are so many types of Teddy Bears available in the market, online and offline. You can choose one and wrap it with love or you can leave it for a gifting site, especially if you are far away from your partner on the special day. Pair it up with some flowers and a Cake perhaps to seize the moment and to make them feel uber special. Add a note or a beautiful card to pen down all those warm and fuzzy feelings that you get while talking to your partner. 

There are many gifts to choose from when it comes to Valentine’s Day gift but Teddy Bear stands quite tall in the list; you know what they say, bigger the Teddy, the more the intensity of one’s love. There are giant Teddy bears in the World that are sold mostly on Valentine’s day because every lover wants to make a grand gesture for their beloved and sometimes a little inspiration helps; if you are confused about which Teddy Bear you should go for on Valentine’s Day 2020 or on Teddy Day then here are some options that will definitely help you out:

An adorable Teddy Pair in a basket is probably something that will melt your beloved’s heart away. Love is all about making grand gestures and here is what you can send your beloved on Teddy Day:

1. Heart shaped anything on Valentine’s Day makes for a great gifting option. An adorable Teddy Bear holding a heart shaped cushion definitely a 10 on the cute scale:

2. A soft, cute and huggable piece of stuffed toy, a Teddy Bear, this one’s got it all; get this for your girlfriend on this Valentine’s Day.

3. Teddy Bear paired with chocolates, this will be perfect for Teddy Day on the 10th of February 2020

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