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We have found that adding pictures to social media posts or blog posts through the trial and repetition increases the participation exponentially.

In an experiment on Twitter, picture tweets have more than doubled than those without photos. Using pictures in social media posts is worth trying on your profiles. Is it something you can do on your own, as part of a small business owner or marketing team?

Here I will show you a great tool to help you create all the images to share on your social media posts and blogs without the need for external help.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap provides users with a wide variety of templates, shapes, icons, graphics, modules, etc. It is a great free tool. , report, invitation and many other graphics. With a user-friendly interface and flexible editing tools, you can easily make your graphics in just a few minutes. Today I will show you the details about DesignCap Infographic Maker in this article.

Three steps to make infographics in DesignCap

To create an Infographic on DesignCap, you must have a web browser. DesignCap is fully compatible with almost common browsers.

Step 1. Choose to create infographic

Open the DesignCap website and open an account to access cloud functionality. You can log in directly to your account using your Google account or Facebook account. Then click the “Get Started Now” button to go to the template section. Select “Infographic” and proceed. In this section you will find all infographic templates for all topics. You can find the latest topic for current world events in this category. Choose one to edit.

DesignCap Design Maker

Step 2. Make your infographic unique

Add your text, image, data and other content to complement your infographic design to make it unique. DesignCap gives you a variety of options to customize your work. They can be seen on the left side of the canvas: Item, Photo (online and offline images), Graphics, Text, Module and Background.

These tools are very easy to use depending on your creativity. When you select the object you want, the corresponding vehicle will appear on the canvas. Click the feature you want to apply and make changes. The whole process can be done easily with simple drag and drop or click.

Here I would like to say more about the Graphics features. It is an important part of an info graphic. Graphic feature of DesignCap is very powerful and practical. For example, in the dynamic map, you can search for the country or region to find the map and use it in your design. You can also change the information manually. For some other Chart types, you can import data from XLS, XLSX, CSV files. It is very fast and useful if you have data to be added to the chart.

Step 3. spread

Once you have finished creating your infographics, click the Save button above to save it to your account in case you want to edit it in the future. Then download it as JPN, PNG, PDF, PPTX (this is for presentations only).

DesignCap also allows you to share infographic with a generated URL directly on social media platforms or websites. The printing option is also available in this DesignCap tool.

What makes DesignCap extraordinary?

  • It offers numerous templates for presentation, social media, infographics etc.
  • Millions of stock photos and icons database.
  • Graphics, preset text styles, modules, etc. Includes many other sources such as.
  • Powerful features allow you to fully control the design.
  • The design is effortless to use even for beginners.

Your turn

If you are running a blog or social media page, you must create and place images such as interactive graphics, photo graphics to interact with your audience. DesignCap will help you achieve amazing designs with easy steps without a steep learning curve. Just take a look and take a look:

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