How to Monitor Instagram, WhatsApp and FB Chat on Your Teens Mobile
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There is no secret that Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook are among the most popular and widely used social media and instant messaging apps at the present time. These social messengers enable users to communicate in the most entertaining way. Using these social apps, the user can interact with a person of different jurisdiction, country or region without any discrimination of age, gender, color or religion. However, these social media platforms also have a dark side. The teenage social media users are likely to experience bullying, molestation, scamming, sexting and several other online crimes. This article discusses how parents can protect their children from social media menaces by monitoring their online chats.

Menaces of Social Media Apps & Messengers

The online world is jam-packed with several threats negatively influencing users’ physical, mental and psychological health. From online harassment to child molestation, our younger children are prone to several potential dangers of social media. We have discussed here the most common online threats that indicate the importance of monitoring teens’ online chats.

Online Bullying

The social networking platforms have been playing big role in cyberbullying. The instant messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook provide safe heaven to bullies by letting them find and victimize the target. Anyone having access to your kid’s social media profile can send harassing messages or make threatening calls keeping their identity hidden. Also, the bully can make humiliating comments on your teen’s post to make fun.

Online Child Predation

The use of social networking and online platforms to sexually exploit teenage girls and boys is an example of online child predation. The predators get information about the target through Facebook-like platforms where teenagers post their activities, habits, liking, interests and contact information.  


Your teenage is likely to receive scamming messages from scammers who provide false information to trap the target. The scammers aim to get monetary advantage from trapped social media users. Also, there are hackers who send infected files to the target via messenger to take control of their mobile phones.

Monitor Social Media with Monitoring Software

The unsupervised use of social media can put your children to risk. Parents can protect their kids from these threats by monitoring their kids’ social media activities. There is a spy application that enables parents to remotely supervise the online and offline activities of their children. They are only needed to install the spy software on the mobile phone of teens to keep track of every cell phone activity. After app installation, the spy app gets access to data related to social media apps including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp messenger. 

Monitor Instagram Chat

Instagram spy app

Instagram allows users to exchange direct messages containing text and media. These messages may contain harassing, luring or conning stuff. Parents can monitor Instagram chats of their kids by getting their mobile phones installed with Instagram spy app. The social media spy app syncs incoming and outgoing Instagram messages and uploads messages to the online portal. Parents can sign into the online portal of the spy app through their mobile phones or computers and read Instagram chats of their kids. As well as messages, the Instagram spy app also allows monitoring Instagram posts and friend-lists to closely watch out the social media activities of younger children.  

Monitor WhatsApp Chat

Whatsapp spy app

Using the WhatsApp messenger, the user can exchange text, photos, videos, voice recordings, location, documents and contacts. The messenger also lets you make voice and video calls. If you teen is receiving harassing calls or messages from an oppressor and he does not inform you, the spy app for WhatsApp will let you know about it. The WhatsApp spy app syncs WhatsApp chats and uploads one-on-one and group chats to the online portal of social media monitoring app. Also, it accesses call logs and allows recording every WhatsApp activity in form of short video.

Monitor Facebook Chat

facebook spy app

Facebook is the most popular social media app that allows user to post text, media files, links and more. The Facebook messenger offers one-on-one and group chats in form of instant messages, photos, videos, voice calls and video calls. Using the Facebook spy app, parents can monitor Facebook chats of their offspring including group chats and thread conversations. They can also access call logs to keep track of voice and video calls made and received via messenger. The spy app keeps you informed of your kids’ social media activities so you could ensure their online protection. 

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