Tips for Choosing An Appropriate Website Builder Software
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So, you’ve decided to expand your business on the digital platform, and figured out that you need an official website for it to do this; and so you’ve decided to create a website. Or – you are an individual who wants to create a website to create your own online platform and blog about a certain topic(s). 
You have no idea where to start and how to go about it – what with countless number of websites already existing online, each with more advanced design and features than the another, appearing to give tough competition and set high standards for any upcoming sites to be successful or popular, it is normal for one to be overwhelmed.    

Developing a website is usually believed to be time-consuming as well as expensive – hiring a team of web designers, developers, SEO experts, and content writers, and getting them to coordinate and finish the task in the limited time available – it does seem like a daunting task. 

But here’s the thing. It doesn’t have to be! There is an efficient way to do this easily – with the help of website builders available online. Website building these days has been made easier than ever before by website builders. These are a set of tools and software that enable you to create a website from scratch and publish it online immediately after it’s done. Isn’t that great? 

But first, if you haven’t figured out by now, some of the initial things you need to do for a website are – decide the domain name, design, content, etc. for your site and once that’s done, you need to use one of the website builders available online with all the necessary features you’ll need to create a website.

Then comes the crucial part – choosing an appropriate website builder. How do you know what can make your website great and what features the software or builder app you choose needs to have, in order to make a great website, with minimum costs or within a set budget?

While many of the website builders available are not 100% free of cost, quite a few offer attractive starter packages which are free, and which cover basic features, which help you get off to a good start. They charge a monthly or annual subscription for few of the advanced features, which you might want to pay for as you grow, as they add the essential look and feel or certain advanced attributes, that a professional or business website needs to
These are some points you need to keep in mind – 

Code-Editor for Design and Content – 

Website builders usually provide two kinds of design options – 

Elements that you can drag and drop onto an empty page to create your design;

A code-editor where you can add HTML code yourself and bring your own design idea to life on your web page. 

It is better to create a customized design for your professional website that is relevant to the nature of the topic(s) that you plan to talk about or the brand, product or service being marketed by your business. For example – if it is a food brand, you could use pictures of food items, or if it is related to fitness, use images relevant to that, and so on. This is possible only using a code-editor or an HTML website builder. 

A few other points to consider are – Use font styles that are not too fancy or complicated for people to read, and font colors that are clear and comfortable to the eye. Plan the layout of text and images in all the pages well, so that they are not too contrasting in every page. 

Overall, the design should be simple, but elegant, and should appeal to all kinds of users. If you use a drag-and-drop design-builder, you will not need to learn any coding and can go ahead and create your website by making use of the standard templates and drag-and-drop elements provided by the builder, but the resulting design may not be unique, in that some other websites existing online may have used the same templates and elements, as they are not customized. This is not desirable for a business website, which needs to look unique and reflect the business’s products or services. 

To use a code-editor option, you may need to learn a little bit of HTML, which is not that difficult, and will be well worth the minimal time and effort is taken, as you will be able to bring your designs to life on web pages, without relying on standard elements and templates. HTML is short for “HyperText Markup Language” and it consists of a series of ‘tags’ that look like this – 

<> for opening and </> for closing, and some text can be added in between these. HTML has specific tags for different purposes. Cascading Style Sheets or CSS can be used to apply further styling and customization to our web pages and make them look more attractive. This too is easy to understand once you get a hang of HTML.

So, if you’re developing a website for business, it is better that you go for a website builder software that provides a coding option. 

Device Compatibility – 

The website builder software you choose needs to be flexible and device compatible too. Many of the available builders have apps for all kinds of devices like mobiles (Android, iOS), desktop, tablets, and laptops. Choose a website creation software application that you can use comfortably from all the devices you own, from a single account, and from any location. This saves a lot of time too.

You must also make sure that the website builder software you choose has the ability to let you build a website that itself is “responsive” or compatible with different devices and screen sizes. 

SEO tool

In a website building process, SEO or (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial, to get maximum visibility and site-visitor traffic; because even if your website has spectacular content, it will be of little use to business without substantial visibility or visitor traffic. 

SEO ensures that the website is found and accessed easily through search engines online; It enables anyone to find the website easily when a keyword used in that website is entered in a search engine.

To do this, you need to choose a website creation software that is SEO-friendly, i.e, one that comes with an integrated SEO tool, so that extra time and resources are not wasted in doing the SEO individually. 

Web Analytics tool – 

Web Analytics tool is an important feature to have for a website builder software, especially if you’re building a business website; Analytics is basically the process of analyzing behaviors of site visitors, to get an understanding about their preferences, and to know what makes them visit or go away from a web page; and analytics tools are used to do this. This is An example of this is Google Analytics. Using this, you can collect, measure and analyze each visitor’s data, and use this information to optimize your website, and increase its efficiency and revenue-generating capacity.

Most website builders these days come with an integrated analytics tool, which makes it easier to add this property to your website while developing it itself. So, when choosing a website builder software to build your website, make sure this feature is included.    

Multiple Website Management – 

In the future, you may want to expand your business or brand and include more products or services, and have an exclusive website for each, concentrating on the individual features and characteristics. You can keep this option open, by going for a website builder software that will enable you to create and manage multiple websites from one single account, so you won’t have to create a new account for each new website. 

Easy Publishing – 

Finally, you also need to be able to easily publish your website online once you’ve completed building, designing and adding required content to it – once you’re sure that you’ve created what you want your users to see. For this to be possible, the website builder software you choose also needs to enable easy publishing of websites in addition to helping you create a splendid website, so that it doesn’t become an issue later on.  

So choosing website builder software with the above guidelines which are well-suited to your requirements, is the solution when you feel overwhelmed, trying to figure out how and where to start working on your website.

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