List of top 10 Salon Software
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Nowadays, every person is more conscious about looks and wellness. So, it raises the demand for salons. 

Salon becomes an integral part of life. Globally it is generating the revenue of 4.5 billion in the market which is a great chunk worldwide and the beauty industry is growing everyday.

But in the competitive world, the most crucial aspect is to manage customer and business perfectly. It is quite easy to add new clients to the business, but this is more challenging to manage clients in the long run. Customers are the heart of the business. It’s impossible to be successful without your loyal clients.

But technology has changed life entirely from a small to large aspect. With the advancement in technology, it has become an inseparable part of the beauty business. It is helping the salons by providing the salon software for the company and users. 

Salon software is an all-in-one solution for your salon problems. The salon management software is helping to handle all the daily business operations in less time.  

While selecting the right tool, various factors need to be considered, such as customization, cost, scalability, flexibility, etc.

There is numerous salon software in the market, and every tool is providing reliable and best services to customers. So picking up the best salon for your customers is a critical task.

Salon software is helping the business and making it more efficient and profitable. Now, how to choose the best salon software for business. 

Here in this article, we will outline the ten leading salon software for your business.

Leading ten salon software

Let’s begin!!


This is a cloud-based software which is providing the best services to its customers 24/7. Its features make it’s working better and more useful. It is very accessible to customers to book an appointment anytime and anywhere even after the business hours. 

Here are the features of salonist:

  • Salonist provide the additional feature of slot booking where customers can easily book, cancel or reschedule an appointment. 
  • It accepts payments from different gateways like stripe, and Paypal. 
  • Salonist provide the services to spas, makeup artists, hair salons, health clinics, skin clinics, and barbershops.
  • This software gives 14-day free trial services. It provides the best POS solution for your salon.


Zenoti is the cloud-based software solution for salons, med spa, and spas. Zenoti provides reliability to the user and business owner.

Here are the features of the Zenoti:

  • The software provides the smartest way for marketing to increase sales by using feedback and social media integration. 
  • In this software, there is an essential feature of analytics where users can create their own custom reports, dashboards, access analytics data sets etc.


Rosy is providing all-in-solution for your business for small to medium-sized businesses. Rosy is a mobile and desktop-based tool. 

Here are the features of rosy:

  • Rosy software provides seamless services by reducing the no-shows, which saves time and money for a customer.
  • It helps to send a reminder by a text message or email about the appointment for the customer. POS helps to generate more sales in the business. 
  • This software gives social media integration so that the customer can book an appointment with a single click.


Another salon software is mind-body. Mindbody is a unique software that handles your day to day tasks. 

Here are the features of mind-body:

  • This software provides the platform for different businesses such as the fitness, salon and spa industry. 
  • It allows users to discover the different and most comfortable features for the salon. Mindbody gives the easiest checkout experience to the customers.
  • Another important feature of Mindbody is daily sales, customer reach, appointment booking, etc. which make it more efficient.

This is the online system that is very accessible for any device. Customers can book an appointment anytime and anywhere. 

Here are the features of

  • can book an appointment from Facebook, Instagram, or Google.
  • It accepts the payment by cash or by credit card. It backs up the data daily and gives secure communication.
  • A business owner can customize its features that are fit for the business. 


Shedul is flexible for managing salons. It gives transparent handling of booking. Its exclusive features make its working more useful.

Here are the features of shedul:

  • The dashboard feature helps to display appointment booking, cancellation, and rescheduling. 
  • Shedul has the functionality of POS with payments, invoicing, receipts, taxes, and retail product management. 
  • It gives the booking preference and maintains the client’s history and contact details.


Booker is providing the best services to the customers.

Here are the features of the booker:

  • It replaces everything from the manual method and unifies the essential components to run the salon. 
  • This helps to book assistance online with social media integration. It manages the data with the easy-to-use tracking and reporting tool. 
  • It helps to retain the customer’s relationship and grow the revenue. 

Salon Iris 

Salon iris is a complete package for any business. This software is available 24/7 where customers can add, view, edit the details of booking without any hassle. 

Here are the features of the Salon Iris:

  • The software is compatible with android and ios.
  • With the automated booking, it can send the message by SMS or email. 
  • It gives the additional feature of payroll where it streamlines payday of staff that is easy to set up and integrate with your sales. 


Miosalon is an online booking software with its appealing features. This software simplifies the appointment scheduling process of your business with a clean and simple tool.

Here are the features of the Miosalon:

  • This software tool allows employees to view the upcoming schedule when any employee log-in with 24/7 working. 
  • Miosalon is an integrated software with various social sites such as Facebook, Mailchimp, Razorpay, etc.


Envision is the best salon appointment software that can easily take care of your business and clients to give the best experience. 

Here are the features of the Envision:

  • Clients can book an appointment from My Dash from their phone. It keeps the customer coming back with additional features.
  • Envision manages the record of the customer by keeping the data safe. 
  • With the analytics, it provides the services to its customers according to their past experience. 

Wrapping up 

Above, We have discussed the most prominent salon software. Every software comes with a unique feature that helps to choose the best software for your salon. You can easily pick the best software according to your preference and budget.

Hopefully,  this article would be very beneficial for you. 

If you have any queries!! Feel free to ask the question in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!!

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