4 Ways to How to Make a Video from Photos
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Want to make a stunning video with some pictures or photos to make them more interesting and enchanting? How can you make a video with photos and background music? This post shows many different solutions and detailed tutorials for you to make a photo slideshow easily. 

No matter if you want to make videos from pictures on your computer or Android or iOS mobile devices, you could refer to this post to find 4 commonly used solutions in detail, including MiniTool MovieMaker, Google Photos, photo to video online converters and Apple Photos App.

Solution 1. Use the Slideshow Maker Make Video from Pictures

1.1.Adobe Premiere Pro (for PC/ Mac)

Adobe Premiere Pro is suitable for professionals like Hollywood filmmakers, TV editors, videographers, Vlogger to edit videos and turn pictures into a video. You will find the software interface, learning resources, and high-power tools are suitable for you to easily make videos from some pictures. (see picture below).

Adobe Premiere Pro - Video Converter

This tool includes powerful functions. However, you will need to spend quite a long time in learning how to use this tool. Furthermore, you can’t purchase the software outright because you must subscribe to Creative Cloud.

1.2. MiniTool Movie Maker (for Windows Users)

MiniTool Movie Maker is an easy-to-use photo slideshow maker for Windows 10/8/7 users to quickly create a video with photos. The following steps will show you how to make a video with pictures and music.

Step 1. Import photos from your computer.

Download and then run MiniTool Movie Maker,  then click the Full Feature Mode option to enter the main UI.

( If you want to get a quick result, simply choose a suitable video template, and then import your photos. After that, you will get a cool video, and then you can share it with your friends and family.)

Then, click the Import Media Files to import multiple photos. 


Step 2. Make a video from the imported pictures.

a. Add some photos to the software’s timeline.

b. Add your preferred transitions between photos.

Click the Transition model to open the transitions library and choose the video transitions you like, after that, drag and drop it between two photos on your timeline.


c. Add and customize texts to photos.

You could add subtitles to video to give some context to the images in order to explain the content better and show why they’re special for you. Here, MiniTool Movie Maker offers tons of text format styles to choose from.

Click the Text button, next, select a suitable text mode you need, and drag it to the timeline. Finally, simply enter your own text, customize the color, font and style, and more. 


Step 3. Add background music/audio to video.

When you almost finish editing your video, you can go back to the Media library. Then, click the Import Media Files button again to import a song, a piece of light music or recorded audio for your video. After that, drag the file to the music track. 

Step 4. Save your photo slideshow now.

By clicking the Export button, you can store your video to your computer. You are free to design a video format for the output file. This free photo slideshow maker offers common video formats including MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEG etc.

Solution 2. Google Photos Can Help You Make Video from Pictures

Google Photos is a useful program to make video from pictures on your computer, iPhone and Android devices. The following part will list every step required.

2.1 Use Google Photos on Computer to Make a Video with Pictures

Visit photos.google.com and log in Google Account. Select the Assistant option, after that, click the Movie option. Select a movie theme, click Get started Select the photos you need. At last, click Done.


2.2 Android Users can Download Google Photos to Make a Video with Pictures  

Tap to open the Google Photos app on your Android device (phone or tablet). Sign in to your Google Account, afterward, select the Assistant option at the bottom.

On the top, please click “ Movie” select photos that you want in the movie. 

At last, you should press the Create button in the top-right corner.

Then, type Play to watch the video that you created.

Finally, please select the Untitled to add a title to the video.

2.3 iOS Users Make a Video with Pictures with Google Photos 

For iPhone or iPad users, please try the steps below to convert image to video with music by using the Google Photos app.

First, open the Google Photos app and sign in → Now you should select Assistant > Movie.→ Next, select multiple photos (or videos)→ At last, select Create  > Save to save the result.

Solution 3. Convert Photo to Video with Online Tools

Maybe you would also like to try making a video with pictures online. Here we’ll give an example of photo to video online converter, please try the following steps to make video with pictures online.

Step 1. Visit ANIMOTO official website and then click on Make A Video.

Step 2. After signing into your account, select a template that you like.

Step 3. Now you could upload a few pictures.

Step 4. Drag and drop these photos to replace the simple content listed there, then you can edit your video if you like (this is an optional step).

Step 4. Preview the video to check everything looks fine, now save the content.


Solution 4. Use Apple Photos App to Make Video from Pictures (Mac/iPhone users)

4.1 Mac users could make video from pictures with Photos app 

If you are running Mac OS X computer, you don’t need to install any additional software to convert photos to video because the Photos app is enough. Please follow the instructions below to make video with pictures and music.

Step 1. Import the images to Photos application and select some photos on Mac OS X.

Step 2. Select File click Create Slideshow (here you can customize the name of the slideshow.)


Step 3. At the bottom of the window, you are free to drag these photos into the order you prefer.

Step 4. Hit the Themes button, and then select a theme ( for example, Vintage Prints).


Step 5. Select a song. Please click on the Music button, and then click the down arrow that is near the Music Library to choose a song you need.

Step 6. Click the Play button to check if everything looks great in the photo slideshow. To save your video now, please click the Export button.

4.2 How do iPhone Users to Make Video from Pictures with Memories App

Memories app will automatically take a collection of videos and photos and present you with a well-edited video montage on the iPhone/  iPad. When playing this movie, you can tap the screen to show customization options, and then adjust the movie length, music, and other content with some simple clicks.


Follow the simple steps, you can make a Memory by yourself with simple clicks. Tap the header of any Moment ( Year, Collection or Album) on your Apple device (iPhone/ iPad / iPod touch), afterward, please tap the blue circle with three dots, the last step, tap Add to Memories.

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