Are computer screen glasses worth it?
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Computer screen glasses are a great use in our modern lifestyle and they are completely worth our investment. The growing dependence on digital devices such as computers, laptops, iPads and smartphones has passed along a bundle of negative side effects on our eyes that makes our day to day life problems. These adverse eye conditions develop due to long hours of digital device consumption and later turn into potential vision damage. What causes these side effects and how to prevent them? Read on to find out.

What about Blue light emission?

Blue light rays are present in our surroundings as it’s emitted from almost everywhere. Blue light is a short wavelength but high energy rays that are poured out from the sun, digital devices and LED lights. Although the one that manages to damage our eye adversely is from digital devices exposure. Our eyes are constantly exposed to blue lights when we are using our computers or smartphones but our eyes can’t block or reflect them therefore blue lights penetrate into the retina our eyes directly. When we begin to absorb an HEV (High Energy Visible light), our eyes start to get several effects. We get regular eye-strain, dry eye syndrome, headaches and uneven sleeping pattern. If the blue light is left untreated then we are bound to suffer from macular degeneration. It’s really important that we take immediate action towards protecting our eyes from these harmful blue light rays. 

Why do you need Computer screen glasses?

Computer screen glasses are seen worn by most people nowadays either while playing video games, office work, watching a show or anything else. People are now getting conscious of the hazards of blue light rays as these symptoms develop into permanent vision loss. In the United Kingdom, about 60 per cent of adults reported having some or the other kind of digital discomforts such as strained eyes, dry or red eyes, blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain or headaches due to digital device consumption for hours at a time. Since people can’t manage to escape digital devices use, they can still use protective eyewear that helps to alleviate those harmful eye conditions. Computer protection glasses are effective towards eradicating such eye condition and further block out harmful blue light penetration in our eyes. 

Computer Screen glasses

How do Computer Screen glasses work?

Computer protection glasses lenses are specially designed to fight out those harmful blue light from the digital screens and enhance your eyesight while looking at them. The blue light lens is coated with anti-reflective coating that reduces glare hence your eye contrast increases and allows you to view clearly. Computer screen glasses are anti-reflective coated to eliminate glare that is directed towards your eyes from the screen and other light sources. Now you can wear them while playing video games or for office and feel no eye fatigue. With active blocking from glasses for a computer screen, you are bound to no eye discomfort or uneven sleeping pattern and continue enjoying using for your desired hours.

Are Computer Screen glasses effective?

Computer protection lenses for glasses works 100% effective towards safeguarding your eyes. They are perfectly adaptable to our modern lifestyle that is heavily dependent on computers and smartphones and keeps you away from eye strain and headaches that come in your way. From youngsters to adults, all generations should use eye protection from blue light emission.

Where to get Screen Protection glasses online?

Specscart provides high-grade computer screen glasses with a mix of fashionable frames to stand out. Now that you are aware of their benefits, computer screen lenses for glasses are available in prescription and non-prescription as well, so now you can order them and stay protected. Your screen protection glasses are freely coated with anti-glare, anti-UV, impact-resistant and anti-scratch to perfectly fit in your active lifestyle. 

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