How to Ensure Home Security with Advanced External Cameras
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People install an indoor camera to protect their property and family. And no doubt it is necessary because it helps you to stay away from many burglary and uncertain events. 

Still, many people think that is a home security system worth it? Do install the indoor camera not sufficient? 

You won’t believe that these digital cameras help thousands of people every year. And the outdoor cameras are as important as indoor ones. There are several reasons that we have mentioned below shows why you need a home security system. 

Let’s discuss the importance of HOME SECURITY SYSTEM first because you should know that how beneficiary it is. 

  • Shield and secure your home 
  • Good for Fire Protection 
  • Manage Electricity 
  • Support home automation 

Shield and secure your home: You might be surprised to know that every day approximately 6000 burglaries take place. It all happens because of the negligence, but you can save your house with an indoor and outdoor security system. 

Suitable for fire defence: Nowadays, cameras are more than a camera. It can detect the heat and smoke and will automatically inform you about the fire. In this way, you will know earlier and can save your property as well as life. 

Manage Electricity: You can monitor the electricity with your smartphones, and it is quite surprising that you can turn them off anytime. It does not matter where you belong. 

Support home automation: In this century, everything is automated, and it is achieved with the help of artificial intelligence. No doubt, it contributes to a better society and supports home automation. 

These are the reasons that can motivate you to install the outdoor security cameras (if you do not have). And you have to understand that external cameras are as important as indoor ones. However, the function may vary because of certain things:

  • Changing temperature
  • Rain 
  • Humidity 
  • Wind and snow  

It is the reason these cameras are known as a weatherproof camera. Cost of these gadgets may vary because of advanced features, but you can easily manage the expense of the device as well as installation charges with savings. 

You might fail to save money if you made the instant decision. In that scenario, you can ask for help from relatives or friends, OR you can opt for borrowing methods like loans. For loans, you can visit online or conventional lenders, but approaching online may provide you with additional benefits. They offer various types of small loans like instant text loans in which you will receive the cash by sending a message from your Smartphone. 

Now, you can utilise the borrowed money to deal with the installation charges. 

Let’s have a look at the top outdoor security cameras of 2020 

  • Best Outdoor Security Cameras 
  1. Arlo Pro 3 security camera 

It is an excellent camera with 2560×2560 pixel streaming, night vision, 12x zoom. And the best part is that in build siren and spotlight. Price of this camera is roughly £390

Arlo Pro offers some additional features too like detection zones and advances notification system. You can add few more with spending extra bucks. You can see it is an excellent security camera at an affordable price though you have to spend money over maintenance too. 

  1. Doorbell camera 

The special of this camera is its SIZE. It is installing just beside the door with the doorbell. Doorbell and camera have come together. So, whenever someone rings the bell, you can see the face of the visitor. 

It has a lot of smart sensor and transducer. You can operate this with the application. If you have register yourself and press the bell, the door will automatically open. So, you can add the face and print of your close ones to the database. Next time, whenever they visit the camera, do not bother them. 

The cost is £180, and we hope this is not a significant amount. 

  1. Floodlight camera 

It comes in different forms, and the price may vary from one to another. Apparently, the price depends on the shape and size of the camera and what type of features you need. Still, the cost of the basic one is from £200 to £300. 

  1. Standalone camera

The cost is roughly £100, which is not a large amount. But it comes with unique features that you may find it difficult to get at this price. 

It has a weatherproof design, internal siren, magnetic wall, custom activity zone, both motion and sound detection. These are the functions that make this camera unique outdoor security. 

  1. Reolink Argus 

It is considered as best budget pick camera. The price is £99, which is too low as compare to others. It has a wireless design with solar power rechargeable and colour night vision. 

These are top outdoor security cameras that you can use to protect not only indoor but outdoor too. Go for ones mentioned above if you want to purchase a budget-friendly camera


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