Protect your Network with Black hat Hackers like this
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If there is one constant in humanity, it is malicious acts. In computer science, malicious acts specialists are called hackers or pirates. They attack everything and everyone but can target their attacks as well. The victims are individuals as well as businesses , hardware like data or people.

The principle is to hire a team of ethical hackers with CEH certification in Middle East in order to carry out intrusion tests and thus be able to verify the effectiveness of the means of protection, whether technical or human. They are as effective as an intrusion by a hacker, and therefore should not be performed by an untrained person. This could cause more damage than the expected benefits. In addition, they are not as flexible as a real hacker and cannot replace a full manual test.

Black hats and White hats, both are counterparts

Studies have shown that black hats act according to well-defined stages, so a team of ethical hackers will act according to the same procedures. To better be able to prevent attacks and test security, you have to get the CEH training in Abu Dhabi and act like a real hacker would. Preparing an intrusion is therefore important, it allows to organize and optimize the following steps according to the results obtained during the previous operations. Here is therefore an overview of the different stages, they may vary in number and name depending on the methodologies used but they will be found in all cases.

Limitation of Ethical Hacking?

There is no one solution that solves all problems, so do penetration testing. The first limit is that of technological development and therefore of the tools used. Information technology is constantly evolving, so do needs and therefore the flaws that we can also discover. There is also the financial question, which can also make the audit less efficient. The more the expense is reduced, the less the test lasts; there is therefore a good chance of missing certain flaws due to lack of time.

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