Top 3 Tricks To Get Someone’s IP Address
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It is a common belief that the police or internet service provider can only track IP addresses, but what most people don’t know is that IP addresses can also be followed by any people who know the tracking techniques.

Why Would Someone Want To Trace Our IP Address?

This question may have varied answers depending on your intention-

1. People or businesses with wrong intentions may use your IP address to commit some crime over the internet, like cyberbullying. A hacker may use your IP address to hack into your system, track your location, etc.

2. People or businesses which are genuine will use your IP address to target you with better offers and ads. As TechiePlus reports, IP addresses can also be used to create a secure connection between two or more devices. 

What Are The Methods To Track Someone’s IP Address?

1. Using The Command Prompt

Command prompt helps you to locate the router’s default gateway (i.e., network router’s IP address) and the IP address assigned to your computer. In case you are not using a router, then you will directly get the IP address of your Internet Service Provider. The Command Prompt also has a tool that can be used in finding IP addresses, including looking up the server IP address that hosts your business website.

For Windows users, open the command prompt from your start menu or type “cmd” in the search bar and press “enter” to open the Command Prompt window.

For Mac Users, open the terminal application present in the Utility folder.

Now follow the steps-

 1. Open the application, and a black screen will appear. Now, you may use ping to find the IP address. First, let us know what a ping is. Ping is used to making a connection between your device’s IP and the one whose IP address you want.

 2.Type commands like “ping host address” on the command prompt where the “host address” is the address of the website which you want to trace and then press enter.


You want to find the IP address of a website named ABC, and then you will type “ping” and then press enter.

3. Your computer will try to search for the site if it exists, then the IP address of the site will appear instantly!

How to track IP address


You can also type the command “Nslookup” followed by your business domain, to check up on its server’s IP address. In case the server associated with the name has multiple IP addresses, this command will list all of them.


Type “Nslookup” to find the list of all the IP addresses associated with ABC.

2. From The Header Of An Email

In case you want to find out the IP address of someone who has sent you a mail, then the easiest way is to check the header of the received mail. Most email programs have a function embedded from where you can get the IP address. These methods may vary depending on the email service you are using.


1. Open the message

2. Click on the 3 dots next to the Reply button

3. Select Show Original, and you will see the email header

4. Find” Received: from”, here you will find the IP address enclosed in the square brackets [].

In case it has more than one Received patterns, then you need to choose the last one as it will be the actual IP address of the sender.


1. Find the email you want to track then right-click on it, and a drop-down menu will appear, click on the View message source option.

2. Now check:

a. If you find a header with X-Originating-IP followed by the IP address, then that is the IP address of the sender.

b. If the previous method fails work, then check for “Received: from” which is followed by the IP address of the sender.

c. In the case of multiple “Received: from” headers, you need to reject the ones having


1. Open the received mail then click on View Full Header option.

2. Find “Received: from” which is followed by the sender’s IP address enclosed in square brackets [].

In case there is more than one “Received: from” then select the one which is the last.


In the settings option of your email program, there should be an option named “Internet headers” or “headers,” if you turn on this option, it will show a whole lot of information on your messages, which includes the sender’s IP address. But, remember this process may not always fetch the right IP address, so you must check it’s authenticity using the command prompt method.

3. Using Facebook

1. Establish a connection with the user whose IP address you want to find out over Facebook chat.

2. Start a chat with the user and make sure that they remain online, then open the command prompt window and type the command “netstat -an” and press enter.

3. The user IP address will appear in a short period, but remember to close all other windows before you execute the command else. It may return some different IP addresses.

How to track IP address through Facebook

4. Using Online IP Tool

The simplest way to access an IP address is by using the different IP lookup tools available on the internet. There are various tools available for finding a user’s IP address. Websites like “” helps in finding addresses and uncovering the location.


It is suggested to perform a reliable IP inspection after the IP address is found to be sure that the IP address belongs to the person you were looking for and not someone else!

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