What is the Difference Between Web Development Vs Mobile App Development?
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Nowadays, more and more online businesses are getting dependent on mobile applications than websites to generate revenue. And the reason behind it is most obvious because with each passing day, the numbers of mobile users are increasing rapidly and people are finding it more convenient to make a purchase using their mobile phones. That is the reason why app developers are getting more and more in demand when compared to web developers. Nowadays, the difference between both is the hottest topic to discuss. Let us now understand the difference between web development and mobile development by considering a few major aspects of both.  

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Have a look at today’s scenario of web developer vs app developer!!!

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Mobile developers make more money when compared to web developers 

When we talk about a few years back, app developers were not get paid when compared to the web developers but now the scenario has changed completely as now web developers are generating more money compared to app developers. This is one of the significant reasons why web developers are attracting application developers. App development is highly beneficial for small scale freelancers. 

Mobile application developers are in high demand when compared to web developers 

Though there is no secret in it that tech-related skills are highly in demand in the market. As the numbers of mobile users are increasing with each passing day so more and more businesses want to get business mobile application therefore mobile app developers are huge in demand. 

Mobile applications are smarter than that of website developers 

The nature of mobile applications provides a lot of advantages to the customers and that is the reason why customers are getting attracted to mobile applications. As people have mobile devices almost 24 hours a day just like clothes they wear. Apart from that, there are a lot of features that a mobile application has such as speed and direction, location, calendar/schedule and so on. It provides more convenience to users. 

Difference between rankings and ratings 

When it comes to website design, one prepares a design to rank the website higher so the website can be visible to visitors while in case of mobile application, ratings play an important role. It is the responsibility of the developers to generate great rankings and ratings to websites and applications to make a business highly successful.  

Career opportunities 

Mobile applications are widely used by customers to make purchases as they find it convenient and an efficient option to buy using a handheld device instead of opening their computer or laptop to do this. This is the reason why mobile application developers are higher in demand but here it should not be considered that the web developers are not in demand. Because we all are surfing the internet over the desktop as well not just to get information but as well as to place an order for an item, therefore, the need for web developers is not going to end. So, in the end, we can say that for both web developers and application developers, there are unending good career opportunities for both. 

 The difference in page size to application size 

In the world of the internet, whether you are generating a mobile application for your business or a website, the focus of the developers is to create an optimized mobile app or website. In the world web, the focus is on optimizing or reducing the size of the pages of the website while in the application, the concern is on the entire application size. This is because of the load uptime of a website or application. The smaller the size, the faster it will load and the better experience you can provide to your customer. 

Compatibility by the browser to computability by device 

A website should be compatible to the browsers that are widely used in the area or region where is your target audience, in the same way, if your target audience is using Android or IOS then you should generate application according to the platform you want to run the application. This becomes an issue because there are a lot of devices present out there in the market so you have to first do an analysis of the market and then make a decision on which platform you want to run your business application. 

Salary analysis 

Considering the current scenario, the salary package of the web developers is decreasing and the salary of the mobile application developers is increasing and the reason behind it is the huge demand for the mobile application. According to a survey, the salary package of web developers is reduced up to 20% in the last two years. The reason behind it is that the owners of mobile applications have increased by up to 60% in the last few years. Even with each passing day, the number of mobile users is increasing rapidly. The epic rise in mobile users has come as a big advantage for mobile app developers therefore, they are huge in demand and their salary package is also increasing. 

A web developer can use his/her knowledge in application development 

If you are a web developer then you can use your knowledge regarding different languages such as Java, CSS, etc in application development as well. 

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Some additional features that mobile application provides:

  • Mobile applications are faster when compared to websites that is why people are getting attracted to mobile applications. 
  • Mobile applications are safe and secure, though here it does not mean that websites are not safe and secure but it is easier to implement security features on mobile applications that is why they provide more security to users. 
  • Mobile applications come with great features and functionality allowing users to get the benefit of these features. 


If you are new to web development then you can consider your career in app development because of increased career opportunities in that field while if you are working as a web developer since a lot of time, still you don’t have to worry because there are unending career opportunities present for both the web and application developers. And if you are a businessman and choosing between web developments or app development then app development might be a better option for you considering today’s scenario.

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