Top 10 Beneficial Mobile Apps Helpful for Writing
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No matter you are new to the field of writing or have experience, there is always something in article that has to be improved. If writing is what attracts you, you can take it at professional level by having some best apps. Below are some iOS and Android apps by mobile app development company that you should check: 

1. MindNode

This app is best if you are a visual thinker. It is a mind mapping app that allows you to organize your ideas in a hierarchical structure. Unlike writing what you are thinking line by line, here you are creating branches (like of a tree) of thoughts. This is how actually our brain and computer brain(CPU) works. You first come up with a thought, then the topic grows to many options and options also has many parts. Taking a simple example, if you have to create a mind map of newel you just have recently read, you can process your thoughts into many parts like about the author, character list, incidents, theme and again it can be divided into many parts like character list can be divided into character names and their respective traits.

The app is just providing you a platform with colorful themes. Make your thought process grow and layout work is of the app.

2. Brainstormer

Sometimes, there is lack of clarity about what to write. So this app is a treasure of ideas. It has 3 wheels to spin giving you three terms respectively, the conflict, the style and the subject. These three are basic essentials for any story be it of film, serial, comic or novel.

3. Write or die

If you are among those who could not complete the task or you left the task in midway, then this web based app is for you. It works online and doesn’t let you to loose concentration. You will have to set minimum words goal to accomplish in a time limit. If you don’t obey the app rules, a series of punishment would be waiting for you.  Punishment depends on the mode set by user. In gentle mode, a popup is there to remind you to get back on track, in normal mode, some annoying sounds are played and in kamikaze mode, all your written words get deleted from last to starting. So in order to stop these consequences, you have no option but to write whatever you are writing. Procrastination is the habit that the app is taking care of.

4.Jotter Pad

It is a simple free text editor app although most of the features are available on a onetime payment of ₹520. The premium features are dark mode or night mode, typewriter mode (where the text you are writing is always centres on the screen like in typewriter), text formatting with markdown (a text to html conversion tool) etc.

5. Dragon Dictation

It is a free online automatic speech recognition and conversion app that gives your hand rest by converting your voice into text in a very high speed. So if your hands are busy or tired, you can make full use of it. It currently runs on Apple operating systems.

6. WordWeb

A must has for every writer, this app is combination of dictionary and thesaurus. It is collection of more than 2,50,000 words, synonyms and related words. It possesses few smart features like audio pronunciation, intelligent word entry, bookmark and history support, common abbreviations etc. It is free offline and free from advertisement making your search smooth.

7. Wattpad

It is a social story telling platform that connects over 60 million writers. You can read your idols story and can get an inspiration for your story. You can even share your story with the community and get comments and recommendations from other writer so as to make your story more powerful and reliable.

8. Poetreat

If you want to be next level poet, then rhymes is the thing you should focus on. Many times, a proper rhymes don’t come in mind. This problem is catered by poetreat app. It is poetry editor app offering you smart rhymes suggestions for every line you are writing. It also provides you with syllabus (vowel), count tool.

9. Zoho writer

Along with writing, word processing is also an important task to do. With Zoho editor, you can create, edit and save documents easily. It is an alternative to Microsoft word and rather lighter in size. It provides sync option so that you can access them from everywhere and automatic back-up so you won’t have to worry every time you exit. Collaboration option is also there where you can work with your friends and add your thoughts and reply to comments. 

10. ProWritingAid

It offers best style and grammar checking along with suggestions to correct it. Even though your article could be grammatically correct, writing style like repetitiveness, variation in sentence length, complications in sentences, voices are also to be considered. App is useful in improving writing and avoiding plagiarism. If you are dealing with lack of word, you can search the perfect word from word explorer of this software. 

In conclusion, if writing is your passion, these apps will always be there with you to assist in your writing. So without having a second thought, do invest some amount in purchasing this software and also take full advantage of free applications.

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