Best Travel Destinations in Sri Lanka
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Tourism in Sri Lanka is seeing great prospective in modern days. Right after their internal unrest, the nation stopped seeing back and moving forward rapidly with everything they have. As a result, this country is not only progressing on business and social aspects but also in tourism sector. More and more global expats are getting attracted to this island country, also known as the jewel of the South Asia for its fabulous landscapes, hotels, resorts, historical remaining, crystal sea beaches and exciting activities throughout. Let’s move into the descriptive list of the best travel destinations in Sri Lanka:

  • Colombo

First of all, let’s start with the capital city of Sr Lanka. Colombo is the capital city and it is a modern center that consist of all modern facilities of an urbane city. This city occupies some of the premium and important buildings and architectural establishments of Sri Lanka. For instance, the monumental forts and structures dated back to colonial era can be found in Colombo. The famous Pettah Bazaar is also located in Colombo that provides huge quantities of retails products of any needs. If you are up for a business tour, Colombo can be your destination location as this place is also the commercial garden of the whole nation.

  • Polonnaruwa

Moving forward from the city life of Sri Lanka, let’s move into the more saddle Polonnaruwa, a hub for art and history of this nation. If you are more of a cultural oriented person who want to learn about Sri Lanka through its ancient history and culture, than this is the right place for you to visit. You can witness the amazing ancient ruins of palaces and towns. When you visit here, you might feel that the time has gone to a freezing point right after the 12th century. You can’t ignore the amazing three statues of Buddha’s, one sitting, one standing and the last one reclining, delicately sculpted at that era. Along with other ancient ruins, these jaw dropping sculptures will surely put you into deep thoughts about ancient civilization of Sri Lanka. 

  • Sigiriya

Another exciting attraction is Sigiriya. Also, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, this particular place is popular among tourists for its ancient architectural remaining of the 5th century lion rock fortress of King Kashyapa. Sigiriya is also known for its 1500-year-old painted frescoes that is placed at the top of a spiral staircase. Every year thousands of visitors and historical enthusiasts all around the world come and visit here to witness this ancient relic. 

  • Kandy

Let’s talk about Kandy, a gorgeous hill city that you might have heard many times if you are a fan of Sri Lankan cricket. Kandy is not only known for fabulous cricket stadiums but also has an eye soothing cityscape. The whole city is built around an attractive manmade lake. You might also be a part of the famous Esala Pm nerahera Festival if you visit in August at Kandy. In addition, with that, this amazing city houses the scared guarded coffer in Dalada Maligawa also known as the Temple of The Tooth.

  • Nuwara Eliya

Let’s focus on the wild side of Sri Lanka. If you are more of an adventure and nature loving person, Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage sanctuary at Nuwara Eliya is the perfect travel destination for you in Sri Lanka. This green hilly area is unlike the urban cities of Sri Lanka, this location is rather exotic in its own right. It is a heaven for animal and nature lovers. Vast lush flora and fauna will welcome you and take you to a state of nirvana, once landed here. The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage sanctuary has more than fifty wild orphaned elephant babies who seek for care and love. Every members of the sanctuary dedicated themselves in the welfare of these lives. 

When you visit this amazing sanctuary, you might often see these giant creatures enjoying their daily activities, like having food taking bath or running around here and there. You are most welcome to nurture and pet them or scrub their body during bath time. You can also visit tea gardens, wide golf course and the beautiful Hakgala Botanical Gardens during your trip in Nuwara Eliya.

Tourism in Sri Lanka includes many other destinations that you can’t miss as well. The nation is not only famous for historical relics or sanctuaries, but also known for its amazing precious stones. Yes, Sri Lanka is also known for its gem’s mines. If you visit in Sri Lanka, don’t forget to look for some of these stones. If you have enough cash, you can buy jewelries made from those stones for you beloved one. 

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