Five Steps to Add Google Two Factor Authentication to WordPress
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From new products to new technology, the internet today has become an intriguing platform for everything. Regardless of your requirements, you can avail anything straight away with a single touch. But it takes a lot of effort, brainpower, and of course, complicated code to develop and enhance a robust online experience. 

WordPress outsourcing goes a long way in building a smooth platform for such launches. It enables developers to design and launch web search engines for several sites. The core structure of the site is designed in such a way that it boosts the productivity of the site. Of late, 20% of all self-hosted websites use WordPress. The percentage is likely to increase more in the future. 

Starting as a blogging platform, WordPress has become the topmost Content Management System. Today, it makes for a fantastic choice for several enthusiasts. With complex command or private data, it has managed to elevate its position in the virtual world. 

The HTML to WordPress theme of the system facilitates the development very smoothly. The simple permalinks make a URL easy to understand and share. The easy-going nature of the theme contributes to changes in the behavior of the theme as per the user’s requirement. 

Apart from these, WordPress also comes with several personalization options to its users. Those who are planning to host a website can give a personal touch with plenty of themes available. It allows developers to design and reconstruct web content by installing new themes or switching choices anytime as well. You can make the most of WordPress to increase and enhance the productivity of your website in the marketing field. Options such as Search Engine Optimization and Client portals are some of the super-smart features. Beyond that, you can add new pages, comments, and reply to the existing comments in addition to the stats view. 

Despite all these impressive features, your websites are not entirely secure. Rather several malpractitioners can be troublesome for your site’s safety. These are rather standard practices, and several sites are down because of these harmful practices. Hence, it is preferable to protect the authenticity of the users’ websites. You can use safety measures, such as a strong password generation and a security plugin against Brute Force Software. The default wp-admin can also be changed URL for extended security.

So where to avail of these facilities? 

WordPress goes a long way in guaranteeing the safety of your sensitive data and web engine utilizing Two Factor Authentication. WordPress development makes use of several features leading to a code-protected two-way authentication. It enables users to verify and complete the login process by sending a unique code to the phone number. A wide range of web services has used the facility in their sites. But those who don’t have a genuine authenticator can consider having the Google Authenticator App. It is the most popular choice among the users for the security of their site and its content. Hire an expert WordPress developer to improve the security of your existing website. 

Steps to Add Google Two Way Authenticator to WordPress:

Adding Google Two Way Authenticator is an easy task involving a few steps. The following step-by-step elaboration of the process will help you add Google Two Way Authenticator to your site. However, if you are new in this area, it could be a little challenging. Since it concerns with your security, you better hire a remote WordPress developer for the job. 

  • STEP 1

Install and activate the Google Authenticator plugin for WordPress from the WordPress Dashboard. 

  • STEP 2

Click on the Activate Plugin option at the bottom.

  • STEP 3

Click the User option from the Your Profile icon of the Dashboard.

  • STEP 4

Scroll down to the Google Authenticator Settings and tick off the checkbox for ‘Active.’

  • STEP 5

Fill all the suitable descriptions and then avail the QR Code.

Once you are done with these five steps, you are left with a few simple tasks to have your Google Authenticator App ready for action. Click on the Pen at the upper right of the Dashboard for editing and then click on the Plus at the button to scan the QR code that you have obtained earlier. Outsource WordPress development service to India and leverage the power of a robust website that evolves with your business. 

Check by logging and reclogging if your WordPress Authenticator is functioning. If everything is fine, your WordPress is secured with the protection of the Google Authenticator App. 

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